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Will be subject to persecution and calumny. Will have less longevity. Will lack happiness from progeny. This position of the North Node indicates Karmic backlog. Will be devoid of relatives and wealth. Will be quarrelsome and will be fastidious. Will have to face defeat in many situations.

This is a Raja Yoga regal power causing Rahu. Napolean had this yoga Libra rising, Rahu in Gemini. Will have wealth, relatives and sons. Will have reverence for the preceptors and devotion to spiritual people. May harm the father. Will be devoid of Dharma. Will be a misogynist. Will be famous and endowed with professional skill.

Auspicious and Powerful Raja Yogas

Will be fond of war and the battlefield. Will not hesitate to do evil acts.

Will be adventurous and will have a lot of consorts. This dominance of Rahu on the Meridien is capable of conferring regal status, knowledge and valour. Will be wealthy with high education. Will have good longevity and a lot of good subordinates.

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Will have high professional skill. Will be strong and will be prosperous. Will have high longevity and humble. Will enjoy all comforts.

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Will be averse to committing sins publicly. Will be subject to health hazards. Will be weak and may fall from profession. This adverse position of Rahu is not good from the perspective of profession as a fall is imminent. The highest level of any science is Mathematics and Mathematics is the science of Numbers.

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In other words, the Absolute and Relative Realities can be represented by Numbers. No wonder Pythagorus glimpsed the mystery of the Universe in numbers.

The part of the body afflicted by disease will be darkened and a gem therapist gives the much needed cosmic color gemstone to redeem the area afflicted by disease. Free EBook on Astronumerology! Ebook on the First 9 Vedic Astrology Lessons! Ebook on the Secrets of Pranic Therapy! Ebook on the Fourfold Yoga! View www. This is true of other sheaths also. The individual cannot exist independent of the cosmos. If the exchange between the physical sheath and the physical world around it is defective, the body will become ill, and death will result if it is stopped altogether.

A good site where you can get quality information about Holistic Medicine is www. Vedic Holistic Medicine is Ayurveda and its prophylactic aspect is Naturopathy. All non-veg food is acidic and the alkaline food which is needed for the body is that which cometh from Nature. So if we live in rhythm with Natural Law, no disease can visit us.

The approach of Yoga Therapy is based on the holistic concept of human being; the five "sheaths" of existence of which the physical sheath Annamaya Kosha is only the first. The Bliss Sheath is found to consist of the positive energy associated with the Divine Self. It is from this sheath that the inner peace characteristic of true Bliss emanates.

A different but parallel model of human personality was developed by the Tantras. These Chakras are in ascending order. Sun represents father, teachers, mentors, government, power, position, authority, leadership and career. Jupiter indicates divine wisdom, knowledge, children, prosperity, success, fame and good luck. When Sun conjuncts Jupiter in someones chart, then when we look at that person, divine wisdom, knowledge, children, prosperity, success, fame and good luck and all these matters will be dominant.

These matters will come to them with the blessing of their father figures or elders. They will be a superior figure and people will depend on them. Like a tree becomes the shelter for the birds, these people also will be sheltering their dear and near ones in their shadow.

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If the Jupiter is combust, debilitated or in retrograde then the quality of the yoga can diminish. The Sun never goes in a retrogression or combustion mode, but it can be in debilitation, so when it is in debilitation, the yoga can be complex. Whichever the yoga is, it will be great if it occurs by the connection of Kendra and Trikon houses.

Only Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius will get this yoga. This yoga ultimately promises a prosperous life with a lot of facilities. October 1, October 1, September 23, September 23,