Maraka houses in vedic astrology

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Note these house places in the natal chart, moon chart or other divisional charts vargas will elicit results for those specific charts. Sun in the 10th is best. Sun thrives in activity and in seeking status and being recognized so Sun in the 10th house has the highest energy. Sun in the 12th house is the most challenging placement because the Sun is hidden and unnoticed and feels abandoned, unsupported and secretive. This may have been a result of an unavailable father and leads to poor self-confidence, heart problems, health problems and breathing problems.

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Moon in the 4th is the best placement for the moon where happiness reigns, mother is at home and in the heart. Emotional support is full and one feel nurtured, affectionate content and with expanding full feelings. This can lead to shyness, distance from mother, sexual extremes, jealous, intense desire to be loved and dangers from water accidents. This often leads to fights in relationship at work, selfish partners, aggression and disputes and reproductive problems. It produces practical business people who are loyal and dutiful in partnerships.

This position creates selfishness, depression, isolation and slow physical development and low self-esteem. Jupiter has dig bala and does best in the 1st house where wisdom, joy and generosity create great status and generosity and luck with children, wealthy and good coaches and teachers. It leads to low energy and poor attention, boredom, lack of resources and poor attention to detail.

Badhaka Maraka Moksha Houses

Mercury here is conscientious, principled, ethical, good at speech and math and writing. Mercury does worse in the 7th house or the 4th house. The astrologer has to judge a particular house or a few houses for any particular matter. For example, for marriage, the 7th house is the primary house to be analyzed but 2nd and 11th houses are also taken in consideration.

This is because 2nd house denotes family and 11th house denotes gain, fulfillment of desires and happy social occasions. Each house signifies certain matters regarding the individual but the same house can be extended to derive various matters regarding his or her relatives and even friends.

Maraka (Hindu astrology)

This process of extending the affairs of any given house is known as derivative house. A house may be fortunate to the individual but at the same time it may be disastrous to a relative or friend. For example, the Lagna or the first house indicates the advantages gains and profit to younger brother as younger brother or sister is signified by the third house and first house is the eleventh house counted from the first house.

The first house also indicates the fame and reputation of mother as it is the tenth house counted from the fourth house, higher studies, long journey, for the person's children especially the first child is judged from the Ascendant.

Maraka effects can be defined in the following manner.

Mundane Astrology is one of the branches astrology that generally deals with predictions related to countries, house meaning are more varied and somewhat different than birth or natal horoscope. First Bhava or the First House The first house or what is commonly known as the Ascendant or Lagna is the most important of the houses.

In Vedic Astrology it is referred to as "Tanur or Tanu Bhava", which means literally, "the house of the body". It signifies the birth, beginning of life, personality, personal features, looks, body, character, temperament, individuality, self consciousness and constitution in general. The Ascendant is always an important factor in the matter of health as it also indicates the person's vitality and vigor, his natural disposition and tendencies and struggle for life, his success or failure in attempts, his fortune or misfortune, etc.

It is the main factor in determining our orientation to life as a whole. Hence this is of supreme importance. This house refers to the first sign of zodiac, the Aries or the Mesha or Mesh. The natural significator of the first house is the planet Sun. The parts of the physical body governed by 1st house are the head and the upper part of the face and all the organs there in.

As per Mundane or State or Political Astrology, ascendant or first house signifies the people in the country and general state of the country.

The common people, public health, overall condition and signifies the masses or a country or kingdom. It governs all the matters signified by the ministry of home affairs. Second House The 2nd house rules a person's finances, material resources, attitude towards and ability for earning money, family, speech and self worth.

Predicting Death using KP Astrology Maraka Case Study Shri MR Prasad

The second house is the house of money. It denotes the financial circumstances, fortune, profit or loss and financial prosperity of the person. This house shows what the person acquires by individual effort and the degree of prosperity which he will enjoy with all the possessions of extrinsic value bonds, stocks, cash and bank balance etc. It relates to earning capacity, one's ability to provide for self in life.

It does not indicate career but indicate the financial success. In short, all that is acquired come under the purview of this house. This is not limited to what one own, in terms of tangible things but also one's feelings and emotions, as well as our inner selves, abilities, needs and wants in short our self worth. This house also deals with family.

It includes all close relatives of the person without reference to any particular relationship. The immediate family likes grandfather, grandmother, mother, wife, children, brothers, sisters, etc.

Marana Karaka Sthana

Another important influence of the second house is the one's ability to express his thoughts, the speech or the voice. It also represents the vision or the power of observation. It is also one of the maraka or death inflicting houses the other being the 7th house. This house refers to the second sign of zodiac, the Taurus or the Vrishaba or Vrish.

The natural significator of the second house is the planet Venus and Jupiter. The parts of the physical body governed by the 2nd house are the eyes generally 2nd house rules the right eye and the 12th house rules the left eye , tongue, nose, teeth, cheeks, chin and all the neck and throat area. As per Mundane or State or Political Astrology, the second house signifies national wealth, exchequer, revenue, banks, commercial affairs, trade and activities and matters which concern revenue. It governs all the matters signified by the finance, food and family welfare ministry.

Third House The 3rd house rules a person's communication and correspondence, short journeys, younger brother or sister, cousins, and neighbors, courage, heroism valor, thoughts, mental strength, inclination and ability, memory and the inherent propensities of the mind and intellect. The third house is the house of all types of communication, correspondence and information exchange that a person is engaged in by talking, letters, fax, email, television, radio, news, media, phone etc.

It also governs short travel, inland journeys such as travel by cycle, bus, boat, rail and short air travel. It governs younger siblings, all cousins and even neighbors. It indicates the property of mind, its strength and weakness, thought power, mental interest and inclination, courage and valor. The third house also governs change of residence. This house refers to the third sign of zodiac, the Gemini or the Mithuna or Mithun. The natural significator of the third house is the planet Mercury.

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The parts of the body ruled by the third house are ears generally 3rd house rules the right ear and the 11th house rules the left ear , hands, arms and fingers, shoulder blade, collar bone, respiratory and the nervous system. As per Mundane or State or Political Astrology, the third house signifies neighboring countries and treaties with them.

It rules over transportation and all the means of transit whether it is by land air or water, and the communication system like postal, telegraph, radio, telephone, television and all the media.

It also represents libraries and public education generally. It governs all the matters signified by communications, information technology, broadcasting, transport, highways, railways and tourism ministry. Fourth House The 4th house rules a person's house and home, mother, one's roots, domestic affairs, acquiring of tangible assets and property like land, building, mines, farms and vehicles, happiness, learning, conditions at the end of life and the final resting place or the grave. The fourth house relates to one's home, residence, domestic environments and general condition of a person in the later part of his life.

This house is also called the grave or womb thereby relating it to mother and all that it is concerned with hidden things such as private affairs and secrets.