Benefic planets in vedic astrology

Functional Malefic : Planets those are having lordship of negative houses like 3 rd ,6 th ,8 th ,or 12 th house or one positive house and another negative house lordship. Result or outcome of those planets will not be that positive in life. Natural benefic or positive planets like Jupiter or Venus can be Functional Malefic in a horoscope. A malefic planet will spoil the house or planets it will get conjunction with. Exaltation or Debilitation only tells about the strength of the planet not about the intention of the planet. Exaltation means the strength of a planet, so one needs to understand who is getting strength the good one or bad one?

If your Functional Malefic planet is getting strength by getting exaltation or being in Mool trikon sign then it will do more harm related to the houses it has ownership in our chart. Whether benefic or malefic, natural or functional, in own house does always good to the house it owns. If Jupiter is exalted, then Sagittatariius and Pisces becomes powerful.

Not only the signs owned by the planet, but the Planets posited in these signs also become powerful. Dispositor is the planet who is the lord of the sign. The planet who gets exalted in a sign is called the Exaltation dispositor. For instance, Jupiter get exalted in Cancer. Hence the exaltation dispositor of Cancer is Jupiter and its dispositor, Moon!


We know that planets gets exalted in certain signs and debilitated in certain signs. The debilitation sign is degrees from the exaltation sign. It is said that that these 3 natural benefics in quadrants can destroy scores of afflictions! Hitler's Mars certainly had an unpredictable and unbounded energy for fighting and violence. Not only could he be an expert fighter, but the Venus-Moon influence meant that his fighting Mars would be appreciated for its aesthetic side.

Lee became famous for his kung fu movies. Known as the Great Benefic, Jupiter represents wisdom, religion, expansion in general, and wealth. Individuals with strong Jupiters will tend to adhere to organized religions, usually the same ones as their parents.

Strong Jupiters also tend to be well-educated people who are well-to-do. Afflicted Jupiters may not enjoy material prosperity, or follow foreign religious traditions, if any at all. The Dalai Lama has a very strong Jupiter placed in the 2nd house of wealth. His wealth may not be "on paper" but is largely spiritual in nature. In this chart, his Jupiter in the 2nd also conveys his constant speaking 2nd house about his higher spiritual knowledge Jupiter.

Benefic and Malefic Planets in Vedic Astrology - Introduction to Vedic Astrology Course 10/52

Karl Marx's Jupiter was mixed: while it had enough strength from its 11th house placement to generate wisdom, it also was aspected by malefic Rahu. This combination gave him his atheistic outlook and fueled his great skepticism for the existing social structure in 19th century Europe. The planet of loss helps us to understand our limits and the things around us we cannot change. Saturn rules discipline, hard work, responsibility, longevity, and loss. Strong Saturns will be very committed people with a dedication to rules and traditions.

Jupiter - Benefic Planet

Afflicted Saturns may be obsessed with rules to the point of detriment, or may be irresponsible and undisciplined. The world's richest man Bill Gates has a strong Saturn as it is placed in the 5th house with benefic Venus. This gives Gates an indefatigable discipline and untiring work ethic.

When he does things, he goes all the way. Vice-President Dick Cheney has a relatively strong Saturn as well. Although it is poorly placed in the sign of Aries, it is in close conjunction with Jupiter in the favourable 9th house. This gives Cheney a great sense of responsibility about his actions and confers a sense of leadership to him.

Benefic and Malefic Planets in Astrology

Marilyn Monroe had an afflicted Saturn which contributed to the often unidiscipined and rollercoaster nature of her life. Saturn was aspected simultaneously by malefic Rahu in the 12th house and Neptune. Since both Rahu and Neptune tend to erase boundaries and limits, Marilyn may have not understood the her own physical limits in her short life. Beat writer Jack Kerouac also had his Saturn closely aspected by malefic Rahu. While this inability to adhere to society's limits may have given him a great advantage in his pioneering literary style, it also created a reckless and often destructive lifestyle.

Actress Julia Roberts has a very well placed Rahu in the 10th house of career where it is aspected by benefic Jupiter. This Rahu is one of the main sources for her great success and fame in the movies. Simpson's Rahu is also placed in the 10th house of success but it is conjunct Mars there.

Planets in Vedic Astrology – Significance, Aspects, & Conjunction

This was part of the source of his great fame as an athlete, but it also showed a propensity for losing control Rahu of his temper Mars leading to violence. Albert Einstein's Mercury the planet of intelligence was closely aspected by Ketu in his chart. This gave him unparalleled powers of insight and mental creativity. Former President Reagan had his Jupiter closely conjunct Ketu which may have confered a great religious faith and special leadership gifts. Disgraced evangelist Jim Bakker had debilitated Saturn closely conjunct Ketu in Aries in the 3rd house of communication suggesting losses Saturn related to spirituality Ketu in the realm of communication TV preacher. Even more generally, one could also simply note Ketu's damaging influence on Bakker's sense of Saturnine responsibilities and structure. The outer planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are not part of traditional Vedic astrology but I include them in my analyses because they are helpful and provide unique forecasting clues that would otherwise be missed. Like the nodes, Uranus represents unpredictable or unusual phenomena.

More specifically, people with prominent Uranus' tend to value originality and freedom. A favourable Uranus in a chart will generally signal a quick intellect or a desire to be unconventional. A poorly aspected Uranus may create a need to be different for its own sake, or inconsistency. In his younger days, comedian Robin Williams was known for his frenetic, original, and often eccentric onstage antics.

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Uranus is very closely aspected by no less than three planets Mars, Moon, and Venus in his horoscope, a highly unusual occurrence. These Uranus-connected planets gave him high energy Mars , changeability and eccentricity Moon and creativity Venus.

Understanding Astrology

But sometimes the Uranian influence isn't helpful, as in the case of movie star Elizabeth Taylor. Married no less than 7 times, she has a close Uranus-Venus conjunction in aggressive and headstrong Aries, pointing to a real problem with commitment and an impulsive approach to love. Idealistic and escapist Neptune dissolves boundaries and in a sense can be seen as the inverse of staunch, stolid Saturn. Neptune represents the image or the mystical, whether real or more often than not illusory.

People with a well-placed Neptune will be reknown and revered for their beauty or public image. A Neptune that is badly aspected or otherwise poorly-placed will produce a person who may not be living in the 'real world' or will have problems with drugs or alcohol. The troubled Beach Boys' singer Brian Wilson has Neptune in bad aspect to the Sun, suggesting a problem recognizing the limits of the ego.

Wilson has long struggled with mental illness and substance abuse and dropped out of public life at the height of his fame. Like Rahu, Pluto magnifies the planets it touches. It is associated with power and will, usually in a coercive or total sense. Pluto transforms and obliterates, and can operate beneath the surface. Secretive organizations such as the Mafia and government intelligence agencies fall under Pluto's influence.