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By the s, non-biological intelligence will be a billion times more capable than biological intelligence. Nanotech foglets micro-robots — known as 'smart material' will be able to make food out of thin air and create any object in the physical world at a whim. By , we will multiply our intelligence a billion-fold by linking wirelessly from our neocortex to a synthetic neocortex in the cloud. We see that Sedna in Gemini is going to be all about the rise of Artificial Intelligence which will inevitably promote a consciousness revolution.

And a consciousness revolution is a spiritual revolution. Another way we derive meaning for newly discovered planets is to look at the myth behind the name of the planet. Sedna was named after the Inuit goddess of the sea, and interestingly the Inuits did not believe in divinity: to them the gods were alive and part of this world, not dead and in heaven as we tend to think of them.

The varying legends each give different rationales for Sedna's transcendence, but in each version, her father, or 'the people', take her to sea in a boat and throw her overboard. In each she clings to her old life and her fingers are chopped off before she lets go. And in each version she sinks to the bottom of the sea, becoming the sea goddess, worshipped by hunters who depend on her goodwill to supply food.

Many of the traditional astrological interpretations of the Sedna myth focus on the unconscious actions which led her to her transcendence and her father's role in this process, emphasising the victimisation and sacrificial interpretations of the planet. However, interpretations which focus on Sedna's attempts to stay on the boat of reality, and calling her a victim, forget that she transcended to godhood through this process. Transcendence is not victimisation; and the two may only be confused if we desperately hang onto the old reality. One of the case studies in my book Sedna Consciousness is Edgar Cayce, the father of modern wholistic medicine.

We get a hint from him that Sedna combines heredity, evolutionary change and spiritual development into a unitary worldview.


That is why I call subtitle my book 'The Soul's Path of Destiny', because, if we accept the idea of past lives, our soul's path of destiny over those lifetimes would combine aspects of heredity and evolutionary change with the spiritual growth of the soul. And from the myth we get the idea that it relates to various unconscious experiences which come from our heredity, that will push us to a painful crisis of transcendence, where we are forced to let go of our old spiritual framework and rise to a new consciousness.

Legendary humanistic astrologer Dane Rudhyar posited that there were three different levels on which each planet could operate depending on the evolution of our consciousness. The vast majority of us are at the beginners' level and we will manifest the energy of Sedna from a position of being buried in the dysfunctional swamp of density. Largely unconscious of the all-encompassing spiritual energy of the planet, we are likely only to notice it when it jolts our reality, to correct some imbalance in our lives by bringing us illness or victimisation, like the judder strip or 'sleeping policeman' on the road, to steer us back onto the true path of our soul's destiny.

At the intermediate level, we tire of density and the grief it creates, and we start a spiritual journey to get out of the swamp. This is the key to working with Sedna: she wants to get us on a spiritual path or recognise the spiritual path that we're on. Then she hits us with transcendent crises, experiences which force us to let go and rise above them, resulting in a huge growth to a new level of consciousness.

There is no choice with these crises and the more we try and solve them the more we will get hurt. At this juncture in human evolution, few people use their planets at the spiritual level, but such people are wonderful to be around. The well-known pattern with the other planets is that the spiritual level is vastly different from the two previous levels and this is also true for Sedna. Here the struggle of the beginners' level is gone, as are the transcendental crises of the intermediate level. At this level everything Saturnian is meaningless and yet everything Sednian has its place.

Here are some keywords for these three levels of spiritual development.


At the unconscious level it's fairly dark, but this doesn't mean that all darkness comes from Sedna; she just uses every tool she has to get us onto the spiritual path. The newly re-classified dwarf planet Ceres can be thought of as the higher octave of the Moon, meaning that the emotional security of the Moon is transmuted to a sustenance and nurturing of our spiritual security and sense of place on planet Earth with Ceres. This is very similar to Sedna, except that Sedna operates on a far vaster scale, so we may find that Sedna is the higher octave of Ceres — where the spiritual security and sense of place on Earth with Ceres is transmuted into transpersonal nurturing of our spirituality and sense of place in the evolutionary cycle with Sedna.

Author : Alan Clay is a practising astrologer of 40 years' standing, with a basis in humanistic astrology; and he has a long interest in Chiron and the centaurs. Most recently exploring the dwarf planets, he spent the last two or so years researching charts for his book Sedna Consciousness. Outside of astrology he is an award-winning filmmaker and clown teacher.


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Sedna in Your chart

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The first book available in English by the great French master astrologer Andre Barbault.

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  • Sedna is located in the Oort Cloud , a region containing many icy objects and the theoretical source of many comets. It takes a long time for Sedna to orbit the Sun—longer than any other known object in the solar system. Its year cycle is so long partially because it's so far out, but also because the orbit is highly elliptical rather than round. Usually, oblong orbits are due to a close encounter with another body. If an object either impacted Sedna or drew close enough to affect its orbit, it's no longer there.

    Likely candidates for such an encounter include a single passing star, an unseen planet out beyond the Kuiper belt, or a young star that was with the Sun in a stellar cluster when it formed. While the present orbit is eccentric, astronomers believe Sedna likely formed with a near-circular orbit that was disrupted at some point. The round orbit would have been necessary for particles to clump together or accrete to form a rounded world.

    Sedna has no known moons. This makes it the largest trans-Neptunian object orbiting the Sun that doesn't have its own satellite. Based on its color, Trujillo and his team suspect Sedna may be coated with tholin or hydrocarbons formed from solar irradiation of simpler compounds, like ethane or methane. The uniform color could indicate Sedna doesn't get bombarded with meteors very often. Spectral analysis indicates the presence of methane, water, and nitrogen ices. The presence of water could mean Sedna had a thin atmosphere.

    The Dwarf Planet Sedna: Discovery and Facts

    How cold is Sedna? While methane snow may fall on Pluto and Triton, it's too cold for organic snow on Sedna. However, if radioactive decay heats the interior of the object, Sedna could have a subsurface ocean of liquid water. Share Flipboard Email. Helmenstine holds a Ph. She has taught science courses at the high school, college, and graduate levels. Updated October 17, The Astrophysical Journal Letters.