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Tilak Vedic Chronology and Vedanga Jyotisha. Jagannada Rao The age of the Mahabharata war. Menon Early Astronomy And Cosmology. Shamashastri Drapsa The Vedic cycle of eclipses vedic treasures. Dafkari Astronomical method to the chrolology ofIndia. Senagupta Ancient Indian Chronology. Svoboda The greatness of Saturn. Kiishnasamy lndian Astrology. Vishnu Most Reliable Practical Astrology. F Abayakoon. Prakash Brahmagupta And His Works. Raman Prashna Tantra Sri Neelakanta. BhasinAstrology in Vedas. ChoudhryHow to Study Divisional Charts. RaoBiorhythms Of Natal Moon.

Sareen Prasnagnana of Bhattotpala. Narayanaswami Iyer. Chawdhri Saturn a Friend or Foe. Vyas New Predictive Astrology. Choudry Application of Prasna astrology. Gour Astrology ofProfessions. Cole Science Of Light Vol l. Cole Science Of Light Vol 2.

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Sharmalnterpreting Divisional Charts. Ra Aostrology For Layman. EshelmanSidereal Mundane Astrology. Using Astrology to Find the Inner You. Bhagat Horasara of Prithyuyasas. Bhagat introduction to nakashatra astrology. Bhagat Practical Astrological Remedies. Narasimha Rao Basics of Panchangam. Gour lntroduction to astrology Ganita, Hora, Samhita. Bhagwat How is Today For You. Know Yourself.. Gour Book Review. Raman My experiences in Astrology. Levacy made results. Jaya Sekhar. Raman Kiishna Rau. Kapoorverses only. Sastri Vol. Bhagat transl. Narinder SharmaSaral Jyotisha. Ramakrishna Bhat.

Ojha Predictive astrology of the Hindus.

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Thite transl. Bhasin Medical astrology. BhasinThe Art ofprediction. Rath ban. Raono sanskrit. Saxena use PDFedit. Guru Rajesh Blind Chart Analysis.

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Astro IQ easy test. Basics of nakshatra padhathi MK Viswanath. Chawdhri Scientific Analysis of Horoscope. Chawdhri The fascinating Jupiter. Chawdhri Transit ofPlanets. Ramana Rao Komagiri.

A Reading List in Western Astrology

RAO retyped. Parvathi Kumar. Patel Notes on navamsa and pushkar navamsa. Verma A glimpse of Kerala astrology. Rao follower. Kuppanna Sastri. Ramanno Sanskrit.

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Raman original with Sanskrit. BhatEssentials of horary astrology or Prasnapadavi. Santhanam Nasta Jatakam lost horoscopy. RaoFortune telling - planets combination with nadi.

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RaoProfession from the position of planets. Murthy Glimpses of hindu astrology miss p. Yelanin lndia's Living Traditions. TextBook on Shadbala miss p. Krishna Rau. Shukla Planetary dispositions and marital affairs. Raghuraman Vedic Nadi astrology and career. Ayer Shatpancasika Indian Horary astrology lost objects.

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The Anthology was written in the 2nd century CE. It consists of nine books of practical ancient astrology. There is a stress on predictive techniques and Valens provides a wealth of examples. The Tetrabiblos is another pivotal 2nd-century Hellenistic text. Click here to read the Tetrabiblos in English in its entirety online.

Bill Thayer re-typed the entire text onto his website as the text is now in the public domain. Ptolemy is the most famous of the Hellenistic astrologers, namely due to his astronomical work e. His intricate geocentric model of the heavens was the standard prior to the Copernican revolution. In terms of Hellenistic astrologers, his influence on European astrology of the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance is considerable.

As a Hellenistic astrologer he was atypical in that he rejected some elements of the typical Hellenistic system and sought a naturalistic explanation for astrology, rather than one based on signs. In the fourth century CE, Firmicus Maternus wrote one of the most important works of natal astrology of the Hellenistic era. The English translation by Jean Rhys Bram is not without its defects, due primarily to the fact that the translator was not an astrology.