Libra january 2020 horoscope predictive astrology

Curb this streak and behave well with your juniors. There would be a fair amount of travel which will, however, fail to bear any fruit. Though there might be some percentage in a sojourn towards the west.

January Astrology Predictions – Part One | Jessica Adams

Contacts also would not be very helpful. The circumstances will also demand a great deal of hard work from you.

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This month will be quite beneficial in so far as your educational prospects are concerned, since the stars are quite favourably disposed. Those pursuing languages, journalism and accountancy would have a very successful spell. Technical students would also fare quite well in their studies.

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More so in practicals than in theory. Most of you would also be endowed with keener mental faculties, and an absorbent attitude of mind that would make learning much easier and quicker.


Those sitting for competitive examinations should also be successful in their attempts, if they put in at least the normal kind of effort with sincerity. A good month during which sizeable gains would accrue to you from travel, since the stars have decided to bless you. Writers, poets, journalists and others of their ilk would have excellent opportunities for exciting travel.

You would tend to travel alone mostly by rail or by road with a fair measure of air travel. Also, on the cards is a trip abroad. Not all your travels would be for business purposes. Those that are would be extremely profitable; the rest would be very pleasant and satisfy you in a deeper score. West is the most favourable direction.

This month there is very little of an encouraging nature about the augury from the stars, in so far as your family affairs are concerned. There is a possibility of some of you getting into serious trouble with the elders of the family, leading to an extremely unpleasant situation.

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You must not lose your cool and refuse to be drawn into any kind of a confrontation. The family atmosphere would be tension-ridden with no signs of harmony among the members in evidence. Such circumstances would have a negative effect on the children, who would tend to be irritable and disobedient. Pay special attention to them.

Each house is ruled by a different Zodiac sign.


Libra 12222 Horoscope

Moon sign: this represents your emotions and is the next most important influence in the Zodiac after your sun sign. Natal chart: also known as a birth chart, this is a map of your life and shows who you are and who you will become, according to the universe. The whole planet is about to transform as we enter the New Age of Aquarius in time for Christmas The last time we saw patterns like this, it was the end of the Roman Empire.

In astrology, if the time, place and date of birth is accurate, then you should have a hit rate of between 75 per cent and per cent for astrology prediction, with personal charts or world events. People always want to know about love, sex, money and career. I predict that for a sign like Cancer, January will bring the most important choice about their love lives in years. Know anyone aged around 29 who is going through a break up?

Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars….

Sun sign astrology — which is the basis of basic horoscopes you read in magazines, say — is just like weather forecasting. All you Sagittarius and Gemini people out there reading this are had massive financial change cycles in July and I include our new Prime Minister Boris Johnson in that! Different astrologers use different techniques. However, we all tend to end up making the same predictions as long as the birth time and date is accurate.

There is a part of Quantum Mechanics called the Multiverse Theory or Many Worlds Theory which actually allows for a parallel universe where horoscope predictions come true. The interest in astrology is growing, too. Powerful old wisdom and knowledge is coming back. I believe more and more women of us are turning to it because in the hands of professionals, it works. MORE: The best workout for your star sign.