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Our astrologers do not just stop with the evaluation of your birth chart for relevant relationship information. They also suggest powerful Vedic remedies targeted to bring you relief from delays in marriage or a troubled married life.

We help you forecast the chances of success of a married life, whether to move on or cling on to an existing relationship and guide you to make your married life a success. Our panel of skilled astrologers devises horoscope matching and romance compatibility reports by analyzing the birth charts of the couple in detail. Upon studying the horoscopes of a man and a woman for marriage, 36 key points are considered. For marriage talks to precede further the would-be couple must match 18 key points or more for a successful marriage. Read more to find how the planetary positions influence marriage.

Our trained astrologers carefully evaluate birth charts to identify reasons for marriage and relationship woes. They also suggest powerful Vedic remedies targeted to bring you relief.

Nadi Astrology can help you find answers to relationship issues that have been bugging you for so long. Identify the correct, effective remedies to eradicate any difficult energies or challenging complexities of married life that keep you stuck and stagnant. Betel leaf astrology taps into the cosmic time window surrounding you and your interaction with the betel leaves to reveal deeply insightful solutions to your Marriage and its related problems. We invite you to experience the power of amazingly effective Vedic remedies in the form of Homas Fire Ceremonies, also sometimes called Fire Labs and Poojas.

Love Marriage Astrology- Easy Method to Check in Horoscope

Doing targeted remedies after examination of your planetary influences can help you solve marriage related problems. Illuminate your hidden love and resolve the dissolving loving relation with the lantern of divine products to cherish a fulfilling life. Each product holds its own unique divine quality which can bring a positive change in building relationships.

In case of a male horoscope, the position and aspects of the Moon is considered very important and for a female horoscope, position of the Sun is chiefly considered to study the compatibility among the couple. The benefic positions of Venus and Mars increase the chances of a successful and committed wedded life.

However, if Venus and Mars are weak in a chart or receive troublesome influences from other planets, they can wreak havoc by triggering energies that destroy relationships or give ongoing marriage troubles. Great rishis already did lot of research on kundali matching.

Marriage Matching (Kundli Milan), Horoscope Matching

In olden days people get marry with the age gap of 5, 7 or 11 years to avoid the ego classes between the couples. But in our current generation getting married with 1 or 2 years usually even the life style was changed much like working women or individuality etc.

So only equality, strong love , relationship only can sustain it. We strongly follow western marriage compatibility for more depth analysis. As per my opinion about compatibility is whether you go with smooth knife or hand saw. Marriages are made in heaven.

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Kundli matching is the horoscope matching of the couple before marriage. For happy and healthy married life. How will my married life be? This calculator gives answer to your questions. The Marriage Calculator focuses on love marriage, promised marriage, delayed marriage and denied marriage.

How many Gun should match in Kundali for Marriage?

It also pays attention to the planetary positions that decide the time of marriage and the factors that lead to divorce and separation besides analyzing what kind of planetary positions cause unhappy married life. You can find out more about your marriage and married life by typing in the details required below. To get Your Marriage Time and other reports, enter your birth details in the form given below and then submit.

Influence of Planetary Positions in Marriage

The Marriage Calculator is meant for giving you a broad outline of the nature of your marriage and married life on the basis of the planetary position in your birth chart. When it comes to marriage and marital life, the Marriage Calculator helps you find out how the various planetary influences related to marriage in your chart shape your marital life. Marriage Calculator assumes great importance in life; marriage makes or breaks the native's life.

The natal chart predicts whether a person is destined to marry or not. While some astrological combinations promise marriage, a few others deny it.