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A guidebook to an ancient city. To feel linked to the richness of the past allows us to be more spontaneous in the expression of our creativity.

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A satyr gazing at his reflection in a pond. Realizing our primal nature we overflow with the urge to express the music within. Fulfillment Degree: Pisces 2. From deep in the earth, the sound of a waterfall. When we clearly channel the energy of nature it puts us in profound touch with our emotional depths. A man turning into a werewolf. To express creative urges freely and without need of any support or permission from outside brings us into contact with the power of our own needs and instincts.

Coiled up in the pencil are many lines, waiting to be drawn. This does not require patience, for many of the drawings sleeping in the graphite will never be drawn, just as many seeds die, never having been planted. Anything that needs a birth will create one, anything else can sleep in the realm of potential where it may dream dreams if it so desires, or enjoy the bliss of a dreamless sleep. Right now, though, beautiful lines are everywhere flowing onto the paper, as blood flows through the eyes that watch their birth.

You are often forced to wait — you sense the time is not right to act.

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What you most need is to relax, to not try too hard, and to learn patience. Attuning to silence clears the pathways for messages to come through — and when the time is right, they will, effortlessly and with ease. We enter into what immediately IS in the NOW as if it were a cave in which we shall discover and awaken the great celestial dragon who is our self. Seed Degree: Capricorn In the night, someone peering into a dark window.

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A half-eaten piece of bread. Fulfillment Degree: Aries 3. Eventually we realize that anything we discover is actually another layer or facet of ourselves. The outer casing of the Great Pyramid being removed. As our creative power awakens we become less and less attached to outer forms, and more able to see beyond surfaces. The numbers were busy changing — adding to each other, multiplying and dividing.

The man kept thinking this all had meaning, and was trying to capture it. Each of us is eternally being born in an infinite flow. Please — come and play with us, and give up your fear of drowning. A man sitting at the bottom of a crater. You may often find yourself focusing on something and not knowing why.

When this happens, rather than trying to ignore it you need to actually focus on it, for the universe is trying to tell you something. Underneath all the layers of outer distractions exist deeper wells of being which you need to explore. The man in the Moon smiling signifies the alchemy of joy and love, which has the capacity to burn away the dross of whatever is received, leaving in tact the pure food of truth to be taken in as sustenance.

Pleiadian Symbol: Jars of spices and bars of gold and silver heaped in a closet. Seed degree: Aquarius 1. Giving in to deep cravings for change we find ourselves drawn toward those places in ourselves which need to be healed. Perceiving the dualistic nature of all values we lighten up emotionally and are more willing to accept the flow of life. Fulfillment degree: Taurus 3. A woman at a crossroads. She buries something and then prays.

When we listen intently to the voice of our inner being we are drawn to where we need to be and more and more willing to let the burdens of the past fall away. A sleepwalker. At attitude of softness, gentleness and acceptance allow our instincts to direct us to wherever we need to go. When he looked up there was only sky. It was here a meteor had struck the earth. The air was silent, and yet seemed to still faintly reverberate with that long ago celestial violence. It was peacefully exciting. Over a waterfall gleams a rainbow many thousands of years old.

You have a feeling for how everything changes, yet nothing changes. Amidst the turbulence of the world you sense a calm, knowing self that floats above it all. As you tune in to this more and more you are renewed at every moment, and increasingly aligned with the eternal you. This tremendous aliveness merged with complete peace is your fulfillment.

Seed degree: Aquarius An artist mixes various flower and gem elixirs into her paints. Through the process of turning everything we think and do into a blessing and a renewal of life we tap into emotional healing and the exalted beauty that inevitably derives from it.

A lidless granite sarcophagus. It is empty. Freed from having any restrictions or having to wait for anything we can playfully explore life. Fulfillment degree: Gemini 3. An invisible man wandering in the night.

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The clearing and cleansing of the emotional body frees us to travel the inner realms in complete safety, for our lightness of being protects us from any harm. A dense thicket of brambles surrounding a magic castle. Journeying through the realm of the unexpected we eventually come to the source of magic, which we may enter if we become gentle and light and believe in our power to enter. Does speaking of the age of rainbows have any meaning?

Although rainbows seem to continue through a certain temporal duration, does color age? I asked the colors one day if they aged.

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They said they certainly felt at times as if they did, but when they remembered that coming together they gave birth to white, they were freed of all memory and awakened from time. Many unfinished paintings everywhere. To carry on the work of self-unfolding is what is all important. You have no need to finish anything unless it serves this purpose. You are one to take up many things and to move from one thing to another as suits your purpose. This may be practically inconvenient at times, but what you need to to if you are to follow your bliss.

Pleiadian Symbol: An audience waits while the playwright finishes writing his play.


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Progressively releasing more and more of whatever stress we have stored, we come to realize that creativity is on ongoing, open-ended process. A moustache. Taking on a role and playing it in such a way that society can relate to, we achieve acknowledgment from the world at large. Or, at a deeper level, we validate our own inner wisdom. Fulfillment degree: Cancer 3. When we allow our creativity to take whatever form it wants to, we recognize more and more meaning in the outer world. A set of surgical instruments. As we realize more and more deeply the power of our own wisdom we are able to find better and better tools with which to express it.

All these unfinished paintings show that whatever is being born is in no hurry.

These durations in which paintings wait, incomplete, sink into the canvases and become transparent layers of history themselves, like windows that reveal mysterious depths within the other colors.